How to commission me

If you would like to commission me, the easiest way is simply to select a time and date that works best for you on my booking site here:

Rates are $30 per hour.  Typically I like to work with 2 hours per character for an illustration with a background, but I am flexible in what I’m able to do.  🙂  If you would like an estimate for the commission you have in mind, feel free to email me the details at  

Terms of Service

  • I accept paypal payments, which can be sent to For inquiries about other types of payments, feel free to contact me!
  • I do not draw adult art. For a complete list of what I will and won’t draw, see the next section.
  • I do not do private or non-streamed commissions. Sorry!
  • Bookings may be canceled in advance at any time, but please be courteous and try to give me some prior notice. 🙂
  • I do not offer refunds on completed hours.
  • You may request as many changes as you’d like during the commission process, but be aware that this will take more time.
  • If you reserve more hours than you decide to use, you do not need to pay for the unused hour(s).

Will and Won’t Draw

Yes!  I will draw…


  •  Anything safe for work
  • Religious artwork
  • Nudity (male, female, and trans/non-binary)
  • Vore, bondage, chastity, foot/paw
  •  Unusual body types (muscle, inflation, mech, overweight, macro/micro)
  • Human, anthro, feral, goo creatures
  •  Sexy pin ups or romantic/mature scenes
  •  Mild gore, blood, death
  •  420 friendly
  •  Cars/machines
  • Young characters in non-adult situations
No, I do not draw…
  • Visible arousal of genitals
  • Touching or licking genitals (breasts are fine!)
  • Bodily fluids (except saliva and stomach acid)
  • Hyper genitals or breasts
  • Penetration of orifices other than mouth
  • Sex toys, in use or otherwise


    If anything is not listed here, feel free to ask if it would be acceptable!